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For forty years David maintained a full time periodontal practice and teaching appointment at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Now in the encore phase of his career, with clinical and academic periodontics no longer playing a role in daily life, he channels most of his energy into photography. His latest venture is a photo-blog, home for selected new images and accompanying narratives.

When film was the light-sensitive media of choice, David’s work was primarily black and white. With images now recorded digitally, his portfolio has expanded and is replete with color. During the film era, his greatest photographic joy was experienced shooting with a vintage Leica III, circa 1950, formerly used by his father. In 1996, David published 'Journey to Poland: a family mission'. The volume chronicled his investigative trip to Poland researching the experience of his parents during the war in Europe seventy years ago. That project ignited his interest in photojournalism and in 'telling the story' with imagery.

photo by Carol Greenfield

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